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Why You May Need A Photocopier Sydney

Why You May Need A Photocopier Sydney

Photocopier Sydney photocopier lease Sydney provides you with the ability to get your office documents right on the go. Whether you are looking for a simple method of duplicating hard copy documents or require all of your business communications to be able to be accessed remotely you can find a photocopier Sydney that can suit your needs. The difference between paper and toner prices may be different from one office to another, but they are both still incredibly affordable. When you are choosing a photocopier, there are a number of different aspects that need to be considered. You will first have to decide if you require a toner free machine or if you require a machine that allows you to print on both sides at the same time. The ink cartridges in most photocopiers remain expensive so if you are looking for a photocopier that only prints on one side, then this could cost a bit more than a machine that allows you to print on both sides at the same time.


If you are on a tight budget then it may be better to choose a refurbished photocopier Sydney as these are much cheaper than new models and you are unlikely to find major defects. Some photocopier machines can have very serious issues such as the heads getting jammed or the toner running out completely, which can cause the document to be rejected by the machine. There are many companies that provide photocopier services, and there is a vast selection of machines to choose from. If you choose to purchase a photocopier yourself you will be able to find many great deals online, however it is wise to ensure that you compare prices between many different suppliers in order to get the best deal.


Photocopiers are great for offices that need to keep up with a high volume of paperwork or for offices that have a large number of employees. If you are thinking about buying a photocopier then it may be better to look at the photocopier lease, because the lease provides you with a cost-effective managed print services. With the lease you pay a low monthly rental fee and in return you will receive a fully comprehensive maintenance package including toner and laser refill. This means that although the photocopiers may not necessarily be in working order at the start they will be easy to use, have very little downtime and should offer you excellent quality documents.

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