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The Characteristics of Social Entrepreneurs

There are several types of social entrepreneurs. Those who are driven by a strong passion, and those who are impatient, can create a business that solves social problems. They use market principles and forces to improve the lives of the less fortunate. The best social entrepreneurs are also willing to take risks and break free of the constraints of certain disciplines. They often take big risks in order to make a difference. Read on to learn about the characteristics of social entrepreneurs and how you can become one.

How You Can Become One

An inspirational founder of a social enterprise, a social entrepreneur is one who has the vision and the means to achieve his or her mission. For example, Craig Kielburger has the vision to empower young people at home by connecting them to global issues. His goal is to inspire the next generation of change-makers in schools. The products and programs developed by his ME to WE social enterprise have a profound impact on the world. These are the ideal examples of a social entrepreneur.

Another type of social entrepreneur is a company that helps a community. Some social enterprises work with community members to address social problems. They work with local organizations and have a larger vested interest than a traditional entrepreneur. Their projects can be sustained without their involvement. They also don’t operate in bureaucracies. They are change-drivers. So, they often focus their energy on building partnerships with local organizations or community members.

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