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Gatorade Cool Blue

gatorade cool blue

When it comes to sports drinks, Gatorade is a popular choice. The brand started in Florida and has since become the official sports drink for many professional sports. The popular drink has different flavors, some of which are not even identifiable by color or label. Cool Blue Gatorade has a unique flavor profile that is similar to blue raspberry juice, but not as sweet as most other sports drinks. The bottle is also great for stocking break rooms. Find out – https://sodapopcraft.com/what-flavor-is-cool-blue-gatorade/

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This drink has an interesting flavor profile that combines the sweet, sour taste of oranges and the berry flavor of blue raspberry. It doesn’t taste like one particular fruit, but rather combines a few different “blue” flavors. You can also taste banana and pineapple. The flavor combination is intriguing, but it usually cancels out and leaves a watery taste. Gatorade Cool Blue is available year-round.

Another flavor option is the Gatorade Thirst Quencher. It’s easy to see why this sports drink is a favorite of athletes and people everywhere. Available in more than 30 different flavors, the product is sure to satisfy any thirst. There’s a Gatorade for everyone. It’s packed with B vitamins and can be a great source of energy during an intense workout or race. The caffeine-free flavors may be an added benefit.

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