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Accessorize With a Men’s Pendant

mens pendant

When it comes to jewelry, men should know how to accessorize. A great mens pendant is a great way to add uniqueness to any outfit. From classic styles to unique gemstones, a pendant for a man can be a great way to express his personality. You can even buy one that is unique because it was made by hand by artisans. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to accessorize, a mens pendant is a great option.

Choose A Chain With A Width Of Two To Six Millimeters

A typical mens pendant will have a chain made of leather, silk, rubber, or steel wire. Chains can be silver, gold, or even rope. A good rule of thumb is to choose a chain that is at least five to eight millimeters wide. Most men will want a chain of this width, and a pendant that is less than six millimeters wide is not suitable. Mens pendants that are larger than four millimeters will be a little too heavy for a man to wear.

The skull is one popular mens pendant. It conveys the rebellious spirit of a rock star. A skull pendant also symbolizes strength and dominance, which is why sailors often tattoo their compasses on their bodies. Compass pendants are also a great way to express hope and happiness. A skull is also a symbol of hope and happiness, and many men choose them for a deeper reason. When worn as a mens pendant, a skull will evoke the image of a warrior who would stand for justice.

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